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The objective of this study is to model the Mono River basin at Athiémé using stochastic approach for a better knowledge of the hydrological functioning of the basin. Data used in this study consist of observed precipitation and temperature data over the period 1961–2012 and future projection data from two regional climate models (HIRHAM5 and REMO) over the period 2016–2100. Simulation of the river discharge was made using ModHyPMA, GR4J, HBV, AWBM models and uncertainties analysis were performed by a stochastic approach. Results showed that the different rainfall-runoff models used reproduce well the observed hydrographs. However, the multi-modelling approach has improved the performance of the individual models. The Hermite orthogonal polynomials of order 4 are well suited for the prediction of flood flows in this basin. This stochastic modeling approach allowed us to deduce that extreme events would therefore increase in the middle of the century under RCP8.5 scenario and towards the end of the century under RCP4.5 scenario.
Date de publication : Tuesday 16 November 2021 à 00:00
ISBN électronique : 2199-8981
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